NUDIBRANCHS OF THE SUNSHINE COAST AUSTRALIA by Gary Cobb and David Mullins showing many species that also occur here. Excellent  photography with lots of close-up shots.

NUDIPIXEL  by Erwin Kodiat, world wide species with images submitted by divers and with non scientists in mind.

SEA SLUGS OF HAWAII by Corey Pittman and Pauline Fiene. Covers Hawaiian species, both endemic and those that also occur in the Indo-Pacific.

KWAJALEIN UNDERWATER by Scott and Jeanette Johnson. Species from the Marshall Islands, an area I have always wanted to visit.

THE OKINAWA SLUG SITE by Robert Bolland. Species from Okinawa's subtropical waters, with many species.

UMIUSHI  by Jun Imamoto, a Japanese site covering a large range of species, many occurring here.

THE SLUG SITE  An international site from Mike Miller with input from Dave Behrens, Dr. Hans Bertsch and Dr. Terry Gosliner.

SOUTH WEST INDIAN OCEAN SEA SLUGS by Philibert Bidgrain. Covers species from Mauritius, Reunion and Mayotte Islands.

OPISTHOBRANCHS OF THE WORLD  An extensive list, compiled by Erwin Koehler, of links to Opisthobranch photos on the web.


THE SEASHELLS OF NEW SOUTH WALES  By Des Beechey of the Australian Museum. This very good site is still being developed and already covers most of the species found along the coast.

THE MARINE MOLLUSCS OF TASMANIA A detailed survey of Tasmanian molluscs by Simon Grove

HARDY'S INTERNET GUIDE TO MARINE GASTROPODS  A partly illustrated list of world-wide Gastropods from Eddie Hardy.


HERMIT CRABS CALCINUS OF THE WORLD by Joseph Poupin. Some species occurring here.

FIDDLER CRABS Worldwide species

MARINE CRUSTACEANS OF SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA Some species occur this far north

MARINE CRUSTACEANS Includes Pacific & Indian Ocean species


HEXACORALLIANS OF THE WORLD A huge site by Dr Daphne Fautin on Sea Anemones, Soft Corals and their allies

THE JELLIES ZONE By Dave Wrobel, an American site explaining classification and some types found off our coast. Many links to much more information.


MARINE FLATWORMS OF THE WORLD A great site from Wolfgang Seifarth showing the colour and variety of this little known group of animals.

POLYCHAETES An interactive identification guide.


IMAGES OF BRYOZOANS By Karen Gowlett-Holmes


THE DUTCH ASCIDIANS HOME PAGE World wide Ascidians by Arjan Gittenberger


CIFONAUTA : MARINE BIOlOGY IMAGE DATABASE image database containing a wide variety of marine photos and videos

PELAGIC INVERTEBRATES Pelagic invertebrates, photos and videos


GUAM REEF LIFE More images of species from Guam, from Dave Burdick, plus coral reef conservation.

WoRMS World register of Marine Species.

MARINE LIFE OF PORT PHILLIP BAY  The marine life of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, and nearby waters

MARINELIFEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Flora and fauna of Hawaii and beyond by Keoki & Yuko Stender.

MARINE LIFE OF JULIAN ROCKS AND BYRON BAY  by Lynda Clarke, showing local species, many frequenting the river at times.

MARINE LIFE OF NELSON BAY  by Dave Harasti, another site showing local species.

DIVEROSA An extensive site by Rokus Groeneveld & Sanne Reijs.

STARFISH A huge collection of great images of all forms, and many links by Teresa Zubi.

POPPEIMAGES  A large site with photography from the Phillipines covering all forms of marine life.

LIFE AT THE EDGE OF REEF  A site covering Indonesian reefs, and showing a large variety of animals, some occurring in the river.

CORAL REEF CREATURES  Another extensive site covering cental Indo-Pacific.


CSIRO SEARCH Want to check if a species occurrs in Aust.? Find classification as well.

AUSTRALIAN FAUNAL DIRECTORY fauna/afd/home Same function as above

WoRMS - World register of Marine species excellent for checking classification.


MARINE PARKS AUTHORITY  Follow the prompts to the Cape Byron Marine Park webpage.

    These sites have been very helpful in identifying many species that sometimes show up in this area  but there are many more, too many to list all here.




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